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Medicare Prescription Drug plans are supplied by personal medical health insurance companies and canopy your prescription drug costs for coated medicines. For the purposes of verification of such records and of enforcement of this chapter, brokers designated by the Board or by the Superintendent are licensed, upon presenting applicable credentials to the owner, operator, or agent in charge, to enter, at reasonable occasions, any manufacturing unit, warehouse, institution, or vehicle wherein any drug is held, manufactured, compounded, processed, sold, delivered, or otherwise disposed of; and to inspect, inside affordable limits and in an inexpensive method, such manufacturing facility, warehouse, establishment, or vehicle, and all pertinent gear, finished and unfinished materials, containers and labeling, together with records, information, papers, processes, controls, and services, bearing on violation of this chapter; and to stock and obtain samples of any inventory of any medicine.
A. Each time a duly approved agent of the Board finds, or has probable trigger to imagine, that any drug, gadget, or cosmetic is adulterated, or so misbranded as to be harmful or fraudulent, inside the which means of this chapter or is in violation of § fifty four.1-3457 , he shall affix to such article a tag or other appropriate marking, giving discover that such article is, or is suspected of being, adulterated or misbranded or in violation of § fifty four.1-3457 and has been detained. The tag shall additionally warn all persons not to remove or get rid of such article by sale or in any other case till permission for elimination or disposal is given by a licensed agent or the courtroom. It shall be illegal for any particular person to take away or get rid of such detained article by sale or otherwise without permission.
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