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Before switching to Trivastal I have been taking another medication for more than three years. I was quite happy with it but I had to stop taking it due to an operation. Curious but after the operation the effect from the medication disappeared. My GP said things like that happen sometimes. So I had to look for another PD med that will be effective for me. It was not easy but luckily we have arrived to Trivastal. This drug is absolutely amazing. It is much more effective than the med I used to take before (can't remember it's name). With Trivastal I no longer live as if in a sticky and slow environment. I feel like I live a new life!
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I have had Parkinson's disease since age 37. I have tried many different medications that claimed almost complete recovery but in practice they produced little results. Then one day my doctor prescribed me with Trivastal and the whole world changed for me. The symptoms started fading away, life became brighter and I started acting almost like a healthy person. It has worked wonders for me, but I believe it is due to the fact that I carefully observed my doc's instructions. Highly recommend.

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