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I am 35 years of age and I started experiencing problems with urination about 2 years ago after giving birth to my son. I thought it was just a temporary disorder that will disappear after my health condition stabilizes but urinary incontinence remained after all the problems caused by childbirth went away. It is naturally very inconvenient and even embarrassing. I can not plan my day as before, I can't go somewhere without carefully thinking over the route. Sometimes when I have to run a bit to catch a bus or just to be on time somewhere I can lose several drops of urine and the problem then becomes to visit a toilet but not to win time. It is absolutely discouraging to discuss but I also have serious problems with personal life as I can not control urination during sexual intercourse as well. The first time I encountered this problem I was devastated, embarrassed and couldn't think about another sex with a man. You can imagine how unbearable this seemingly minor disorder makes my life. My son is 3 years now and I got divorced a year ago, not because of the health issue, it was just a matter of difference in characters. But now I am trying to get into a new relationship, start my life from a new point and these problems with my urinary bladder make all my efforts meaningless and comic. However last week I started using Darifenacin after my friend recommended the medication to me. She had similar problems and Darifenacin helped her forget about uncontrollable urination. I also noticed changes in spite of the fact that I've been on the medication for 5 days only. The number of my nocturnal toilet visits decreased from 6-7 to 4-5. It is a significant change for me. And I am all very optimistic. In the daytime I also feel better and do not have to urinate that often. Besides no I do not lose drops of urine when coughing. That's great! I know Darifenacin will help me get my life back!

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